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Terms of Use

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1.0 Introduction

Any use of this Internet site automatically implies on behalf of the user the acceptance of the provisions and conditions following:

The platform C-it-yoursciences is an Internet site (the “Site”) which was created to render service to those (“Users”) which wish to be connected to it.

The information which appears in it is presented only as information. The Juvene foundation authorizes the Users to visit the Site and to download or copy information and documents and materials (collectively, hereafter: “contents”) of this site at personal and noncommercial purposes, without to grant the right to them to resell or distribute the Contents or to make use of it to constitute or create derived works; this authorization being subordinated to the respect of the provisions and conditions stated hereafter as of the specific measures which can apply to such or such element of the Contents of the Site. The Users must in particular respect the indications of royalties of do-it-yourself published on the Site.

The Site is managed by the Juvene foundation. All the Contents that the Juvene foundation (called “Juvene hereafter” or “the Organization”) or the Users places there are subjected to the present provisions and conditions.

Except indication express and opposite, the observations, interpretations and conclusions which belong to the Contents of the Site are those of the various users, and they necessarily do not correspond to the sights of Juvene.

2.0 Responsibility

(2.1) The Contents of the Site are delivered “in the state”, without any kind of guarantee neither express nor implicit, including, and without this enumeration either restrictive, all that relates to the marketable quality of information, its utility with such or such end and the not-violation of the intellectual property laws. Juvene, in particular, does not offer any guarantee and does not affirm anything as for the exactitude and the exhaustiveness of the elements of the Contents. Juvene proceeds periodically, without announcing it, with additions, modifications, improvements and updates of the Contents. Juvene cannot in no case to be held for persons in charge of a damage or damage, an obligation or an expenditure which one would make the point that they follow the use of his Site, including, without this enumeration being restrictive, which relates to any fault, error, omission or interruption of the service or, any delay which would have possibly occurred. The User exploits the Site at his risks and dangers. Juvene and the entities which are related for him could not in no case, in particular in the event of negligence, be held for persons in charge of a damage direct, indirect, additional, particular or secondary, even if the Organization were prevented that the aforementioned damage was likely to occur.

(2.2) The User recognizes and agrees in particular that Juvene as well as the entities which are connected to him, are not responsible for the control of any the Users.

(2.3) The Site can contain councils, opinions and assertions coming from various information sources. Juvene affirms neither goes parking exactitude and reliability of any information coming of the aforesaid sources, an unspecified User or of some other person or entity, moreover the Juvene foundation guarantees neither exactitude nor the reliability of the councils, the opinions and the assertions coming from these information sources. The User trusts his risks and dangers it. Neither Juvene, neither the entities which are connected to him, nor none of their employees or agents or their contents or information providers could be held for persons in charge of the inaccuracies, errors, omissions, interruptions of the service, removals of the contents, defects, modification, use of elements of the Contents of the Site or, owing to the fact that this one is up to date or complete. Their responsibility is not also committed, in the event of breakdown of computer or material of communication or, of transmission of virus, that it that is the cause, or what relates to the possible damage which would result from it.

(2.4) By using the Site, the User agrees to hold Juvene and the entities which are related for him with cover of any continuation or compensation request, any damage or damage, any financial obligation or spends (including, calculated ata reasonable rate, lawyer expenses) which could result for it from the use by him of the Site, including, but not exclusively, any complaint calling upon of the facts which, if they were proven, would constitute on behalf of the User an infringement in the present Conditions of use. Only and single solution which is offered to a User dissatisfied with all, of part of the Contents of the Site or these Conditions of use is to cease visiting the Site.

(2.5) It can be on the Site of the bonds with Internet sites held by thirds or allusions to such sites. The sites towards which bonds are proposed are not under the control of Juvene nor under that of the entities which are related for him. Juvene and the entities which are connected to him, are thus not responsible for the contents presented on these sites nor of the validity of the bonds suggested by those. Juvene proposes these bonds only for reasons of convenience, and the fact that a bond is proposed or that a site is quoted does not imply any downstream of its share.

(2.6) The Site comprises systems of publication of directions for use of do-it-yourself, comments, testimonys, proposals for bonds and Internet sites. These systems make it possible the User to publish itself of information on the site. Within this framework, the User agree to publish only directions for use of do-it-yourself in conformity with the criteria of publications. The User also commits himself publishing only messages and information which are suitable and which are in connection with the goals of the Site.

As nonrestrictive examples, the User engages, when it publishes information on the Site to abstain from delivering itself to the following activities:

  1. To defame whoever, to insult it, badger it, threaten it or carry reached some other way to its rights (for example private life diffusion of information);
  2. To publish, post, distribute or diffuse documents or information which is defamatory, likely to offusquer, obscenes, improper or illicit;
  3. To publish contents (for example, files or images) protected by the right of the intellectual property (or by the legislation relating to the private life and the diffusion of information), unless the User is holder of relative rights or control or, that it received for this purpose all the assents required by the legislation;
  4. To publish files containing of the viruses, the corrupted files or any other software or programs similar which can harm the good performance of the computer of others;
  5. To remove in a file exported the mentions relating to the authors, the legal opinions or the mentions or signs relating to the right of the intellectual property;
  6. To falsify the origin or the source of an element published;
  7. To make publicity for goods or services or, to offer them to the sale or, to carry out or transmit investigations, contests or chains of letters or, to import a file placed at the disposal by another user, whose User knows or should reasonably know that the distribution by this means is illegal.

(2.7) The User states to understand that the exchanges carried out on all the Site are public and are not any private. Moreover, it gives notice that the discussions, the posted elements, the directions for use of do-it-yourself exchanged with and by other Users neither are approved nor famous to be examined, selected or to be approved by the Juvene foundation. This one reserves the right to remove, for any reason and without notice, any element of the contents introduced on the Site by the Users.

3.0 Protection of the personal data

Any information in personal matter provided by the user of the Site could be used or exploited by Juvene in the respect of the confidentiality. Information will not be revealed with thirds and will be used that within the framework and for the goals of the Site.

4.0 Safeguarding of immunities

(4.1) Nothing of what appears in the present ones constitutes neither cannot be regarded as a limitation of the privileges and immunities of the Juvene foundation, nor like a renunciation of these privileges and immunities, which Juvene reserves expressly.

5.0 General terms

5.01) Juvene reserves the exclusive right modify, restrict or remove the Site or very part of its Contents, with its only discretion and in some form that it is. In this respect, it is held to take account of the needs for no User.

(5.2) Juvene reserves the right to refuse, with its only discretion and without notice, the access to the Site or any part of the Site to a User whatever it is.

(5.3) No renunciation, of the Juvene share, with one of the provisions of these Conditions of use will be opposable for him if it were not carried out in writing and were signed by a duly authorized officer of the Organization.