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This pantograph can copy a drawing about 1.5 times larger than the original size.


Easy to make, it's a nice project to introduce the concept of scale and some notions of geometry.

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06.11.2008 : Martin
Bonjour,   Les pantographes professionnels ou les jouets permettent de modifier le placement des éléments pour obtenir des échelle différentes (barres coulissantes). Le rapport de 1,5 concerne donc votre modèle en particulier et n'est pas une valeur absolue.   A part cette pet...View more




Saw the two slats to create  : 2 pieces of 40 cm 2 pieces of 25 cm 2 pieces of ...
Mark crosses to indicate where to drill holes according to the photo.
Taking the slats in pairs, drill the holes using the bits indicated on the photo.   ...
Glue the 10 cm wooden slat at the bottom edge of the board, right in the middle.   T ...
Attach the center holes of the 40 cm slats with M3x25 bolts and nuts.   Then attach ...
Sharpen the tip of the 7 cm wooden rod with a pencil sharpener to create a pointed pin. Insert i ...
Fix the 25 cm slats at the other end to the long slats using the remaining M3x15 bolts and nut ...

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