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Solar pendulum

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Duration (?)3h 0 min.
Cost (?)~13 CHF
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This solar pendulum demonstrates different scientific principles :

  • Concentration of sunlight rays with reflectors
  • Greenhouse effect and absorption of solar radiation by dark colours
  • Expansion and contraction of water due to temperature changes
  • Transformation of solar thermal energy into motion

This project is a very simple solar engine. Even if it doesn't produce electricity, it is a good illustration of how solar power plants work. To boil water in a closed tank, these plants concentrate the sunlight rays in a single point by using a field of mirrors. The pressure of the steam in the tank is then freed to rotate a turbine combined to an electric generator.

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05.07.2012 : gdelac
En 2012 à Lutry, des élèves de 8e année ont réalisé le mobile solaire avec le soutien d'Info-Energie (Service de l'énergie du canton de Vaud).   Ils ont créé un panneau d'information pour illustrer leur bricolage lors d'une exposition organisée à l'attention des autres élèves du collège ...View more
21.01.2011 : al78
Bonjour, Nous avons effectué cette objet dans le cadre des stages WINS à la Haute l'Ecole d'Ingénieurs et de Gestion du canton de Vaud. Ces stages ont pour public des jeunes filles de secondaire (8-9ème) qui viennent comprendre les métiers de l'ingénierie. Ce mobile a été très apprécié dans sa...View more





From the blueprints/plans section, download the model and report it or print it on a thick A3 ...
Report the two points on the shiny side of the disk.   According to the drawing, glu ...
Using hot glue fix the reflector on top of the disk.
With a hacksaw cut two 16cm long pieces of threaded rod.   Pass the 2 rods through ...
Unfold 5 paper clips according to the drawing.   With pliers cut off a section from ...
According to the diagram, create a support for the mobile at 4cm above the board with 2 paper ...
Shorten the tube stopper (about 1 cm) and with a 6 mm bit drill through the stopper.   ...
Cut the ends of the transparent tube in diagonal.   Cut off a branch of the cross j ...
Glue the strip of corrugated fiberboard on the 2 thick cardboards placed end-to-end.   ...

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