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Réalisation - Geothermal model

  • Etape 1

    Mix the water and the quick-setting moulding powder according to the instructions. Place a layer of the mixture on the bottom of the jar, not thicker than 1 cm.

  • Etape 2

    Wait for the moulding paste to harden (approx. 20 min), then add a layer of 1.5 cm of gravel.

  • Etape 3

    With a large awl make two holes in the thin plastic circle. Push the two straw sections through the holes, letting them stick out a bit the other side. Push the straws into the gravel layer.

  • Etape 4

    Prepare some more moulding paste and fill the rest of the jar almost to the top. Wait for it to set, then decorate the surface to create a small landscape.

  • Etape 5

    Punch a hole in the center of the bottle cap and push through one of the flexible tubes for about 2cm. Seal on both sides with hot glue.

  • Etape 6

    With transparent adhesive tape, stick one thermochromic strip on the bottle and the other one on the small glass.

  • Etape 7

    Download the diagram below from the Blueprints/Plans section and cover it both sides with transparent plastic sheet or laminate it. Cut out the outline.

  • Etape 8

    Open the cardboard ring by cutting it vertically.


    To make it waterproof, cover it with plastic sheeting or laminate it

  • Etape 9

    With double-sided adhesive tape, fix the ring inside the diagram to form a cylinder. Staple both ends to fix it well.

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