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Réalisation - Adiabatic solar air conditioner

  • Etape 1

    Report the cone model on the plastic sheet (use the model twice to create the entire cone).

    Cut out the shape.


    The pdf file of the model can be downloaded from the blueprints/plans section.

  • Etape 2

    Form a cone and staple it.

  • Etape 3

    Cut the upper part of the PET bottle with a pair of scissors. Position this part on the top of the small side of the cone and attach both elements with insulating tape.


    Cover the edge of the large side of the cone with some "rubbery" foam and taple it on.

  • Etape 4

    according to the illustration :


    Cut a rectangle from the rest of the transparent plastic sheet 


    Using an awl, make two holes .


    With a pair of scissors cut 3 slits.

  • Etape 5

    Form a cylinder and stapple it.

  • Etape 6

    Drill a hole at 2 cm from the top of two wood slats.


    Nale the two slats on the small side of the MDF block.

  • Etape 7

    Wrap the electric motor with 3 plastic cable ties. Pass the ties through the notches in the cylinder.


    Cut off the ends of ties and fix all by surrounding the cylinder with adhesive tape.

  • Etape 8

    Avertissement To avoid that the cable ties slide out, you can staple them to the cylinder after positioning them.

  • Etape 9

    Using screws, bolts and washers, fix the cylinder between the two slats (passing through the holes of the cylinder and of the slats).


    The cylinder must be rotatable and secured in position with the help of the winged screws.

  • Etape 10

    Connect to one of the contacts of the motor an electric wire using a small "cable end connector" (can also use small electrical connectors).


    Connect a crocodile clip to the other electric wire and pinch the remaining contact of the motor. The crocodile clip will be used as switch


    Connect the stripped ends of the electric cables to the solar cell twisting around the contacts.


    When exposing the solar cell to the sun, check that the motor is running clockwise (the air should be be pushed in front of the propeller).

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