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Fonctionnement - Adiabatic solar air conditioner

  • Ideally, place the solar cell outside and the fan inside in the shade (passing the electric wires through a window).


    Place the photovoltaic cell perpendicularly to the Sun.


    The cell is quite weak so to be powerful enough it should be placed in full bright Sun. Otherwise the the amount of electricity generated will be too low and the speed of the fan won't be strong enough.

  • Wet  a "cloth" and use it to cover the exit of the cylinder. Slide the Pet bottle cone on the cylinder squeezing the wet "cloth".

  • To compensate the weakness of the fan power and better feel the breeze, the air flow is narrowed through the the neck of the PET bottle .


    The cooling capacity depends on several factors. Mainly the speed of the fan, which speeds up the evaporation of water and the air humidity. The dryer the air is and the more water can be evaporated and heat removed from the air.


    The temperature difference between the incoming and the outgoing air can reach up to 7 degrees!

  • This system is said to be adiabatic as it works without any heat transfer between the system and external sources. In the case of an adiabatic cooling system, cold is not produced with the help of an external source (ice, refrigerator, compressor, etc.) but simply by the change of state of water. When water evaporates it removes heat from the air.


    Working principle in a building


    A. Humidification

    B. Indoor air at 30 ° C

    C. exhaust indoor air

    D. outside clean air at 30 ° C

    E. cooled incoming air ventilated inside at 22 ° c.

    F. heat transfer (cools the incoming air without moistening it)


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