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Parabolic solar Grill

Note (?)
Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)0h 30 min.
Coût (?)~12 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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Building a parabolic solar grill helps to understand the principle of sunlight concentration.
This technique is already used in experimental solar power plants. Parabolic mirrors focus the Sun's rays on black pipes in which water circulates. The heated water expands and turns into steam creating a pressure that can be used to power turbines and, with the help of generators, produce electricity.


A gigantic project called Desertec  plans to build solar power plants of this kind in North Africa to supply Europe with electricity.

06.07.2012 : gdelac
En 2012 à Lutry, des élèves de 8e année ont réalisé le grill solaire avec le soutien d'Info-Energie (Service de l'énergie du canton de Vaud).   Ils ont créé un panneau d'information pour illustrer leur bricolage lors d'une exposition organisée à l'attention des autres élèves du collège a...Lire la suite





Print twice the model downloaded in from the blueprints/plans section. Combine the two p ...
Fold the board and insert the flexible mirror plate into the two parabolic slots until they sl ...
With a cutter, mark lightly the blue lines of the two small strips of cardboard and bend them to ...
Drill a M5 hole in the two wood slats at 10 cm of one their ends.
To attach the feet, proceed on both sides as follows:   Pass a large washer on a M5 ...
Cut out a window in the small cardboard rectangle and tape some space blanket on its back.
Using black adhesive tape as a hinge, fix the window on the top of the grill.