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Solar flashlight

Note (?)
Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)2h 30 min.
Coût (?)~15 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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Building a solar torch (flashlight) helps to understand how it is possible to store the energy of the Sun and use it later at night.

photovoltaic cells transform the energy of the sun in electricity that can be stored in a rechargeable battery. Photovoltaic cells are now widely used and can be even found on satellites.


This DIYs project is powered by a renewable energy source and also avoids the use of disposable batteries that are costly and polluting. Even so, it is important to inform children that once the rechargeable battery life has expired, it shouldn't be thrown in a normal bin but recycled.

06.07.2012 : Martin
Reflets des passeports vacances de Morges où la lampe de poche solaire a été réalisée par les enfants.   Source :       Lire la suite
05.07.2012 : gdelac
En 2012 à Lutry, des élèves de 8e année ont réalisé le bricolage de lampe de poche solaire avec le soutien d'Info-Energie (Service de l'énergie du canton de Vaud).   Ils ont créé un panneau d'information pour illustrer leur bricolage lors d'une exposition organisée à l'attention des autr...Lire la suite




Disassemble the garden lamp in order to extract the elements needed (photovoltaic cell, electr ...
Cut the legs of the LED attached to the electronic circuit halfway with cutting pliers.
At the bottom of the toothbrushbox, drill 2 holes (a) overlapping a bit with a drill and a 13 ...
Following the diagram :   Strip and then connect the wires according to the diagram ...
Close the cover and tighten it with a plastic cable tie.