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Solar oven made of jars (tsr-découverte model)

  1. Take away all the labels on the jars and clean them well so that they are perfectly transparent.
  2. Glue the lid of the smaller jar inside the lid of the larger one with strong glue or a very strong double sided sticky tape.
  3. Paint half of the small jar in black. The other half should remain transparent. Wait until it's perfectly dry.
  4. Build a box with pieces of polystyrene (taken from a packing) to isolate half of the large jar which should just fit in it.
  5. Fill half of the small jar with small pieces of chocolate and banana.
  6. Screw well the double-lid on the small jar.
  7. Screw the large jar on the double-lid.
  8. Place le large jar in the polystyrene box.
  9. On a very sunny day, expose your oven with the transparent side of the jar facing the sun.
  10. Be patient, wait at least an hour. You will then be able to enjoy a marvellous banana-chocolate hot pudding.

>> Download the manual in French (PDF)

Warning : this proposal can be improved ! Etc... >>>>>>>>> Is the isolation the most effective solution ? >>>>>>>>> Should the inside jar be only half painted in black ? >>>>>>>>> How to ease the opening of the jars ? >>>>>>>>> Is it possible to cook other things than chocolate and bananas ? >>>>>>>>> How is it possible to direct the oven to follow the sun ? >>>>>>>>> What is the best time in the year/day to use the solar oven ? >>>>>>>>> Why use two jars - why not one or three ? >>>>>>>>> Why are the two jars made of glass ? >>>>>>>>> What is the highest temperature possible ? >>>>>>>>>

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