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Wave power station

Wave energy is the energy contained in the movement of waves. this energy is hardly not exploited even if the seas represent 70% of the earth's surface. These vast area of water could be used to produce a large amount of clean electricity without sacrificing land surfaces.

In recent years many prototypes have being tested. All of them, including this project, are based on the same physical principle: harnessing the energy of waves motion to move a magnet close to a coil of copper wire and produce electricity (the principle use in an alternator).

The reason wave energy is little used is because ofcertain technical difficulties and high implementation costs. Indeed, the marine environment is very harsh and requires extremely robust constructions. Moreover, it is not easy to recover the wave movement efficiently because it is a fluctuating or even erratic energy. All of these reasons explain why the definitive model that would reconcile cost, robustness, reliability and efficiency has perhaps not yet been invented.

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