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Gardena water rocket launcher
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A lot of water rockets use Gardena type connectors. Here is an example of a site with instructions.

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Site of a French water rocket fan. The look of the site is quite 'ugly', but there is a lot of information and examples.

Video of a rocket with an onboard camera
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This video shows images taken from a camera placed on a similar type of rocket. Impressive!

Human water rocket
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Never try to do that !

A Japanese 'kamikaze' flies with water rockets. The pilot could not swim and had never thought to fly so far...

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Water rockets in Wikipedia
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A good start to know more about water rockets.

Water rockets on the site of Nasa
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Even if it's the Nasa's website, it is unlikely that the next lunar expeditions will travel with water rockets !

Water rocket calculator
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Online calculator to estimate the flight of a water rocket.