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Solar hot water panel

Note (?)
Difficulté (?)
Durée (?)2h 30 min.
Coût (?)~15 CHF
Languefrançais deutsch english
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The construction of a solar hot water panel helps to understand how it is possible to heat water with the Sun.

The basic principle is to circulate water in a black pipe placed behind a glass exposed to the Sun. Thanks to the greenhouse effect and the black colour that absorbs most of the Sun's rays, it is possible to reach high temperatures, enough to produce our domestic hot water.

This model works by thermosiphon. The expansion of the heated water in the circuit creates a continuous flow of water without the need of electric pumps.

This DIYs project shows that there is alternative energy sources that can replace oil or natural gas. By using the Sun instead of them or by combining it with them, we can reduce our use of fossil fuels and minimise our pollution.




Cut the 5 pieces of polyurethane.   Fix the 4 strips around the big rectangle using ...
Using an awl create two 8mm holes in the pet bottle cap.   Position your cap close t ...
Bend the copper tube to form a circuit as shown.   Do not create too pronounced ang ...
Attach the circuit against the panel by tying it with some metal wires. Pass the wire through ...
Cut the PET bottle to create a funnel.
While the glue in the cap is not yet completely dry, screw gently the bottle on its cap. Let t ...
Glue the glass on the panel and tape all around with black fabric adhesive tape.